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WUilAM  VOK  HUMBOIJ3T,                   297
ander made a journey across the Alps to Italy, from
which he did not return until the following year.
Humboldt's intimacy with Schiller naturally brought
him into closer connexion with those who enjoyed
Schiller's friendship, or visited him in Jena. The
principal of these was ELorner of Dresden, with
whom he entered into a warm correspondence. In
1794<, a young fellow countryman of Schiller*s, Fre-
derick Holderlin, also came to Jena, and was very
kindly received and supported hy Humboldt. He
was a highly poetical spirit., hut died too soon, after a
most unfortunate career.
Humboldt, with his family^ left Jena, in June,
1795, with the intention of returning in October,
after a short visit to Tegel, hut they found his mother
so ill that they remained near her the whole winter,
and did not return to Jena till the autumn of the
following year. This long separation was equally
painful to Humboldt and to his poet-friends. Schil-
ler writes to Goethe, 2nd October., 1795, " Hum-
boldt is not returning this year, which is very un-
pleasant for me/' and to Humboldt he writes:
*e Goethe laments your long absence very much. Even
on account of anatomy he wished for yonr presence/*
But Humboldt felt the long separation from Schiller
most acutely, especially whenever he was uneasy
about Schiller's health, as he then thought how wel-
come his presence and conversation would be to the
invaJiJ. He even suggested to Schiller to remove to
Weimar, as he would, then, at least, have Goethe
near him. In every letter, Humboldt expresses his
longing for Schiller's society, and writes to him 4ęth
August, 1795, " I have become so accustomed to
social thinking,, that if my absence lasts long, I shall
fear for my stock of ideas. I take refuge, however,,
in memory, and, mentally, I spend the best part of
my time with you/*
In Tegel, he led a very retired life, whidb was fre-
quently disturbed by sickness in his family. His own
health had not been so robust in Jema as formerly,